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At TradeRx Consulting, you will find experienced practitioners and renowned academics focusing on analytics, strategy, leadership and organisational design, change and operations, as well as marketing and communication. We are a centre of eXcellence for innovation, climate, trade and development policy, financing and leadership tools. Our analysts, strategy experts, business economists and lawyers understand the challenges clients face and tailor services to their needs.

Our consultants have wide experience in working with governments, development banks, export-import banks, export credit agencies, innovation funds, non-profit organisations, as well as corporates. We have a strong background in benchmarking and strategy, institutional design and programme set-up, as well as management of private and public sector programmes. We use our strategic acumen and insight to implement world-class solutions. For our clients, the TradeRx team is passionate in offering the best results.

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They make the connection between the academic world and the business community!

The knowledge and expertise regarding analytics, strategy and operational management for and of government financing instruments are outstanding.

CEO, European Export Credit Agency

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